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Breathing new life into your business.


The Reborn Experience Guarantee

COVID is really affecting businesses. At Reborn Consultants, we have sold over 20-million dollars using our sales processes. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Reborn will improve & grow your sales & revenue. We are so confident we know what we are doing that if we don’t improve your company, we will give your money back.

“The Reborn experience guarantee.”


Project Work

Solving complex challenges/obstacles in your company with an in-depth audit of your business front to back.



Achieve success through asking questions with the client in order for us to pinpoint a key solution overall.



To develop knowledge of an area to improve goals improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity, and performance.


Public Speaking

To reach out to an audience with strong communication skills and energy to your critical thinking and communication skills yourself.

The Reborn Consultants

Rylan Shenk

Rylan Shenk

Rylan Shenk was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Exploring the United States, Rylan has lived in multiple different states. Some big accomplishments professionally: Rylan was the #1 sales producer in the whole company at T-Mobile when he was 17, winning a trip to Mexico. He invented his own personalized sales process to reduce companies pitches from 45 minutes to 15 minutes while simultaneously selling $135,000 of websites in one month. Rylan sold over 15 million dollars personally, while helping implement trainings and sales processes for mid to small size businesses. Rylan started his own marketing firm when he was 20 years old. With zero capital, Rylan grew this company to 22 employees and sold it 2 years later. Rylan enjoys being active with any new adventurous sport he can find. He has a beautiful blonde daughter named Scarlet, who is 10 years old that he enjoys ice skating with.

Kameron Conley

Kam Conley

Kameron Conley was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kameron started his love for business when he was 18 years old. Starting his first company “413 clothing co.” He and his partner were able to sell over $40,000 of merchandise in only 6 months. Kameron was the Executive Director of the Utah Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra. He was a part of the organization for 10 years. His love of consulting started in 2015 when he was an educational consultant. Discovering the impact he put on people’s lives is what drives Kameron. He is attending Utah Valley University for Business and Marketing Education. He is currently married to his wonderful wife, Jackie. He enjoys playing cello as a recreational activity, hiking, traveling, and eating tons of food.

See Why So Many People Trust us.

Welcome To The Reborn Experience.

“The team at Reborn Consulting is one of the most knowledgable team I have had the pleasure of working with. We have been with them for over 6 months and enjoy how on the ball they are with reports and showing real results.

Dr. Kirlough

Kirlough Family Dentistry

“I have worked with countless consulting firms… The Reborn Consultant team is truly one of a kind. This is the company you wish you had found years ago.”


Head Of Marketing

The growth we received alongside having a clear strategy based on real-time research was amazing. It gave us great peace of mind & helped resolve key issues in the marketing area of our company

Domius G

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