Does everything happen for a reason in your brain? I have met a lot of pessimistic people that just think so many bad things happen to them for no reason. I think that whatever you believe in life, is true. For example, I believe we are the best firm to do consulting, websites & SEO. I believe this because I have seen the competition and I know what we do is true to what Google wants and we can prove it. But what happens when something bad occurs in your life? How do you react? Do you tend to dwell on the negative? Or do you reflect on what happened and what you could do better next time?

What Would It Hurt To Start Thinking Like This?

What would happen if you started to think like this in your own life? Do you think it would have a negative effect or a positive one? What’s the downside here? I base my whole life on this premise because of my beliefs. I think it would be a pretty sad life to go through just thinking that things happen to me randomly. If you didn’t believe that everything happens for a reason, what do you believe? I would love feedback to view other people’s perspectives. I am not saying I am right and it’s an end all be all mentality. Simply put, I live my life this way and I am way happier for it. Are you happy with how you see your life and your mentality?


Whatever you tell yourself, you are correct. I believe the human brain is the most powerful tool in the world. Think about it. You can literally manifest anything you want in the world by consistently thinking about it and taking action. Do you know the funny part? No matter who you are or what you do, you can change how you feel or act just by your thoughts. Thinking like this has made me be able to achieve some very cool things in my life. The passion I have is to teach people how I live a more positive and happy life. I am the most positive & happy person I know and even I have some insanely bad times. I feel so bad when people all around me only focus on the negative or what they don’t have. Everything happens for a reason.

How You Can Change A Little Today

It takes 21 days to form a habit. What habits are you doing every day to keep your habits up? Start small. Changing or adding one thing to your life on a small scale can help you with your life immensely in the mid to long term. I start by making a plan or goal of what I want to change or add to my life. From there, you can simply follow the step by step plan to achieve anything you want in the world. Right now we are creating an “accountability journal” that will be an exact roadmap to help anyone create goals and stay on track. Stay on your path and stay true to yourself. If you are having a hard time staying motivated, find someone that you can stay accountable to. If you need help with guidance or advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. We truly care about help people in any aspect of life. Remember, everything happens for a reason.