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Understanding the mindset in business

Our mindset is defined as the mental attitude, mode, or disposition. A business mindset is a way you go about accomplishing your tasks, ideas, or solving issues through your mental attitude. When starting a business it is not as simple as I have an idea lets run with it. You have to create a foundation for yourself. We have created some solid foundational pieces to have before getting your business started. It is called Starting your life before business. This video will help you get into the right set-up before doing business. This blog is all for The mental game of having a business and how your mindset in business should be.

What are the 6 key mindset changes to have?

Believe in yourself with confidence

Your mindset in business starts with you. We know that with confidence it helps you become more motivated as a business owner. Changing your posture can let others see a more confident side of yourself. As we have worked with a ton of business owners starting with a confident owner makes a huge difference. You need to feel good in your skin and be confident. The belief in yourself is the key to having others see what type of person you are.

Having confidence creates better relationships with all. People want to be around positive and confident people. When having these qualities all people want to be in your life. You want to emulate the kind of person you want to be around. Lastly, having confidence creates you to have less fear. We have to overcome the fear we have before we can succeed. You are bound to fail. This is a common thing that happens to all of us in business. Nothing is perfect, but we have to step out of our comfort zone and accomplish what others said you could not. This takes us to our next mindset in business which is knowing why you are creating your business.

Know why you are doing your business

Most of us have heard of the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. If you have not, it is a great book to read. He goes into depth about knowing more about why you are creating a business. Non-profit organizations have a mission statement that is used to display why they do what they do. This type of statement defines for everyone what they want to accomplish. For example Watts of Love’s mission statement: is a global solar lighting nonprofit bringing people the power to raise themselves out of the darkness of poverty. This has the purpose of what they do. They explain the why, the who, and how very clearly for everyone to understand.

Starting a company knowing the bigger picture of why you created it leaves for a better story. It becomes an easier time to sell your product and be genuine. After most people start their company’s they are not fulfilled with money. While creating this mission statement for any company you feel as if you are reaching a cause that is dear to you. Going into work becomes easier and more fulfilling. Please before going into a business do it for the right reasons.

Get rid of your past, from holding you back

As most of us know we hold onto a lot of emotions, possessions, anger, etc, in our lives from our past. Some of us blame our significant others for not starting a business. Some blame our kids for not starting a business. The other person to blame is yourself. You have control of your mind and thoughts. You can not let failure or fear hold you back.

The correct mindset to have is everything in life has been a unique learning experience to have with you. If you feel the time is not on your side, you are 100% correct, but this is not an excuse to not start now. We know of tons of entrepreneurs that have started a business slowly and built it up to what it is today. You have to put the time in effort into this new venture just like anything else. Do not let your past be the reason you do not pursue your dreams/passions. Start now with a change for your tomorrow. So let us dive into the routine you need to start developing now.

Develop a Routine

This mindset in business is such a great habit to have. You need to start having a solid routine for your success. Some common routines include:

  • Working out
  • Eating Breakfast
  • Scheduling time for family
  • Reading
  • Daily tasks
  • Getting lunch ready the prior day
  • Clothes out
  • Social Media in the morning

The items we listed above are just some of the many of items you can include in your daily/weekly routine. One fact is creating this routine to be a habit that is vital for success in the long run. Even if you do not have a business creating a routine is good for your mindset.

Do not be stagnant

Last, but not least is do not become stagnant. Stagnation is a terrible mindset to have when starting a business or not. One of my favorite quotes is dead fish go with the flow. Are you dead right now? No. So why are you thinking just because it works I do not need to change things up? Adapting to today is a huge part of life. Not adapting can leave you and your company dead within a short amount of time. This is such a common misconception. People are not willing to break out of the normal and try new experiences or ideas at a company. If you think I will just keep doing what I am doing, you are wrong.

We know as consultants that slightly changing a process in one area or eliminating one step can be a million dollars in your companies pocket. As we stated before failure is bound to happen to make it happen sooner and get used to what it will feel like. Here ar Reborn Consultants we work with all sorts of companies to be looking at their sales processes, marketing initiative, or even there website and helping them grow. If you are a business who wants the change to be the leading company in your field reach out to us and let us help you.