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If you are looking for SEO in Utah, you should think about a few things first.

  • Are you trying to get a quick ROI or build and establish your company for the mid to long term?
  • Why you should hire a company to do your SEO in Utah.
  • What is your Cost vs. Benefit Analysis for the short term?

SEO is something that EVERY business should do. It’s a great tool that will help your business be well known for targeted keywords. You need to target specific keywords that actually have volume in order to reach your target audience. What we mean by this is you don’t just write articles for just any keywords that “sound good.” You want to do the research for a few things first.

What To Do.

  1. Figure out what keywords have good volume to them (people searching for those words on Google.)
  2. Do competitor analysis to see what keywords your competition is ranking for.
  3. See how hard that keyword is to rank for from 1-100 to make sure you aren’t writing blogs that are going to take 2 years to actually rank.
  4. Pick 3-5 keywords to really target at first (depending on your budget and team size.) Think of it this way… being ranked on the first page for 3-5 keywords is better than having 50 keywords ranked on the second page.. Keywords on the first page will actually bring you traffic. Less than 5% of all traffic goes to page 2.

Looking at SEO firms is hard. Everyone claims to do a great job with SEO but, who can prove it? Make sure the company knows how to not only write content but write strategic content that actually will rank. You will need to have the content be based around the target keyword, a certain percentage of passive voice and maybe even a link within your content would be best.

Check out some of these good SEO practices here.