SEO Services Sydney

If you are looking for SEO services in Sydney, you need to know a few things first. Having someone else do your SEO for you is a big deal. You have a vision for your company. You want your customers and potential customers to know what you stand for. Here are the big things you need to perform at the highest point for your business & brand.

SEO Content

SEO services Sydney require more attention then you would think. Content is not just regular words that come together to sound good. SEO content is different because you need to write in a certain percentage of passive voice. You need to make sure that your keyword is within the content enough times. You will notice that we use the keyword phrase “SEO services Sydney” quite a few times in this blog. Google is all about relevancy and they know what content is good and relevant and what content is not. Make sure everything is congruent with what you are talking about and the keyword phrase you are using. You need to make sure your content is over 300+ words. Some of the best blogs that have the highest rank have over 1,000 words.

SEO is like a cake

That is a lot of writing and that takes time! Transition words are something you need to focus on as well however, this is a minor factor. That is the funny thing about SEO content. Everything is a small percentage yet, it all comes together to make 100% of the pie. We always explain this like: “what if you had a cake and it took three hours to make. Everything about the cake looked good, smelled good, it must be good. But we forgot to add only ONE ingredient, sugar. You go to taste the cake and you discover its disgusting.