Benefits of a Business today

Benefits of a Business: The 3 C’s

Becoming a business owner has many benefits as there are so many options to explore. Many people spend years trying to find the right business to start. Some even go to school to try to find a specific field that they are passionate in. While these are great things to do, there are some things to consider first. There are some key aspects that you need to keep in mind to fully gain the benefits of a business. We like to call these benefits as the 3 C’s: Creativity, Control, and Consistency.

And one of the best ways to understand the 3 C’s is to understand your way of thinking.

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Thought Process

Depending how you feel about your work, everyone’s stance on the matter will change. Many people enjoy their place of work while others feel like they could do so much more. This attitude can greatly impact work ethic and workplace performance. It is easy to say that if you enjoy or support the kind of work you are doing you will never see yourself doing anything less than great. This is why running your own business can help boost your efforts. The benefits of a business can help many find their true calling and enjoyment of life.


One’s creativity is something that needs to be honed and shouldn’t be limited. The ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities shouldn’t be restricted. So by running your own company you’re able to expand your creativity. One of the most frustrating parts about working for someone else is the inability to work on projects you think are important.

Creativity is the ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities. Running your own company will provide you with letting your mind reach new highs. It will allow you to determine what projects would be great at the time. It will allow you to think about what would be a great new step for success. Discover a market that has not been thought about. When you are working at a company your ideas are shut down or even worse not heard.


This has some creative elements because all of these fit together with each other. Control gives you the ability to choose what you do. Starting a business you need to make sure you are controlling your input and output of work. Companies do not always allow employees to determine what they will be doing that day. Having that kind of autonomy is great, but do not take advantage of it. Control will involve your processes and procedures to be on point. This allows for the smoothness of your company to be where it should be. You need to have high standards to be elite. Taking control of your workflow as well as the work environment. You are expendable and having your own company creates stability for you. It is a process, but totally worth some of the stress that comes with it.


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Consistency is a huge part of your life and business. Starting a business can be hard, but staying consistent is a huge factor. As a new, business owner your habits need to be positive. It takes about 2 months to create a habit and one day to break it. You have to be consistent with your customers/clients. When you get too complacent, then you are not doing business right. Remember the other 2 C’s before, you want to be creative and keep things in control. You do not want to get in a bad consistent rhythm. This throws your flow of life and business completely. off.


Above are some great tips for understanding how a business benefits you. The benefits of a business are endless is our opinion. If you have any questions, please let us know. We love speaking with any type of person wanting to start a business for the first time, someone who already has a business, or wants to open another. Here at Reborn Consultants breathe change for the better.