Characteristics of highly effective teams in business

What is a team in business?

Definition of business

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The definition of a team is a group of people who work together toward a common goal. While at work you have times where you work by yourself to do a goal. In reality, everyone is doing their part to finish a project/deadline. Most of the time there are many hands working toward accomplishing a goal for the client. In the workplace, life can be challenging. Working together is vital for the success of the company. When you understand how to communicate, collaborate, and accomplish a goal it makes life a heck of a lot easier. Let’s dive into these characteristics of highly effective teams.

How to communicate with your team

The first characteristic of highly effective teams is communication. They’re multiple ways to communicate with each other. To name some there is:

  • In-person or 1:1
  • Open Meetings
  • Email
  • Apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Etc.
  • CRM’s for information about your clients/customers
  • By phone calls or texts

There are companies who use these, but because you do not work in a certain area of your company does not mean you should not know them. Many companies have different sections of companies that do not communicate with each other. This is wrong. Each department should know what they are doing, how to get a hold of each other, and ways to help each other. Departments should all be able to see where others are at to help them. This should not be a way to attack each other, but a platform to make sure the operations are running smoothly.

Communication needs to start everywhere. This is not a top-down or bottom-up mentality. All employees need to commit to communicating the best they can. We have had experiences of employees saying I gave it to them so they should be fine. This kind of attitude is not one of the characteristics of highly effective teams. You do not put the blame on others. This takes us on the next topic of collaboration.

Collaborating in your team

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One of the biggest items in all relationships/teams is making sure we collaborate. You never want to comprise. Comprising takes your idea a little and someone else’s idea a little and makes it one. Collaborating takes all our ideas and makes it one. This way we are working together to accomplish what would help everyone out. This method can be tiring, but rewarding to all parties working towards the common goal. This makes it where the teams are now relying on each other to be successful and communicate.

Collaboration is simply teamwork taken to the next level. Working with others can be tiring, but when you are able to be closer to teach others it makes your work enjoyable. This perfectly goes into the accomplishment feeling of the characteristics of highly effective teams in business.

The accomplishment of a project

Everyone knows that feeling of finishing your project. The feeling of being excited about something that you have created. Over 90,000 hours are spent at work. This equates to about 10.5 years. This is a long time to spend with your co-workers. Approaching your work with a good mindset is key to making you work well as a team. This is a ton of time to understand your co-workers and be able to work great together. You do not want a job you dread. You want to help everyone around you for their enjoyment.


Companies struggle with communicating across all departments. It is challenging to collaborate with so many different personalities. Not every executive has the answer. Here at Reborn Consultants, we strive to help these companies be where they want to be. We coach, train, and create processes to create characteristics of highly effective teams in your business. If you want to inquire about us helping fill out our form or call us for any of your consulting needs.