Thoughts before the dive

Lately, the mindsets of people are fluctuating on a daily. From our perspective, we see more and more people are okay with a fixed mixed vs a growth mindset. Business owners talk about how they want the progression of their business to be on an upward trend, yet do not do anything about it. We know when you come to go to work, the gym, the store, etc, you have to go with a mental toughness that needs to be strong. We need to consider what does a growth vs fixed mindset looks like and how can we improve.

Story Time

We were working with a client who was amazing in having a growth mindset for their personal life. They had a solid morning routine that was focused on crushing the rest of the day full of success and knowledge. First, they would get up and work out at 4:30 am. Come how to eat breakfast. They meditated before going into the rest of the day. Our client would deal with some emails for the day before for preparedness. Lastly, they would get their kids up out of bed and reading for school. This is not a big deal, but they were setting their daily habits to align with their work habits. Having this type of foundation was key to the success of going into work. By the time they would come into work they were ready. That is what we thought.

In reality, the owners would be saying they have a growth mindset, but responding in ways that were fixed. They would say I love trying new ideas, let’s make this work! We would then bring an idea and go to I like what we are doing now better. It does not require as much change. The new idea also makes it where we have to work more in the beginning. It could work, but the downside is maybe it does not. This was confusing to see that they had such a great attitude towards their day-to-day life, but not with their business.

Another issue that arose was we would tell them in this sales process we love these 4 items. As a whole let’s figure out how to improve in this one area. This solution we came up with could have brought more money in and increased productivity with their sales. The response was I feel you are putting down what we created. It was hard to consider that they would think like this. They were wanting to change the current process, but not really ready to let go of the old one. As a consultant, this was hard to see. All we want is the customer to grow and flourish to where they want to go. Not being able to provide some feedback for growth was a huge challenge.

What we saw as consultants

We feel the biggest challenge is telling someone there are issues that need to be resolved. Most of the time the way you phrase your words is key for talking with an owner or executive of a company. You do not want to completely destroy their baby they have been building since day one. Taking this type of approach will only cause a company to not want to work with you, ever. We cannot just change someone’s mindset overnight to being more growth-oriented. We did have more questions to help us understand the why behind what was happening.

Fixed Mindset

We want you to understand a little more about each mindset. First, let’s go over the bad mindset. This is a fixed mindset. Some of the thoughts you might have when having a fixed mindset is:

  • I am frustrated at this and I give up
  • I am not good at this area so I won’t try
  • Feedback and criticism you do not take will
  • You give up easily
  • Threatened by others who are more successful
  • Avoid new challenges
  • Stagnation

This list to me sounds unhealthy and toxic. This mindset is putting a limitation on your ability to improve. You are not moving in a positive way. One thing we like to say is, “Do not be a dead fish because all they do is go with the flow.” This is not the mentality you want from any coworker or people you work with. You do not want that from your family or your kids. This way of thinking makes it impossible for developing your life. We want to talk to the growth mindset because it already makes us feel better.


The growth mindset will set you up for more success guaranteed. This mindset makes you look at what else is out there on the horizon. If people adopted this type of mindset it would unlock doors that have been closed in your life for years. Here are some thoughts for the growth mindset:

  • View new challenges as new opportunities
  • Learn to give and receive feedback and criticism
  • I want and like to try new things
  • Continually stand strong when adversity hits you
  • I will be a student for the rest of my life
  • Be excited when you are not the smartest person in the room
  • My efforts and attitude determine my results
  • Be welcomed by the success

Reading this makes us want to go do some public speaking. Be the person you always wanted to be starting now. We know that if you say I will do it later, it most likely will not happen. Growth ignites the fire into your life.

Conclusion & Excitement

This article will make you think about which way you are thinking when it comes to your mindset. Your mindset will set you up for failure or make you grow. Here is Reborn Consultant we have a great questionnaire that will walk you through which mindset you have. Before you say which one you are, reach out and ask us for a free assessment of where you are at. Now think growth mindset vs fixed mindset, which one am I?