How Does Responding to Customer Reviews impact SEO

Are you curious about how replying to ratings and customer reviews will impact your SEO results? There are several benefits that come with responding to reviews that customers leave. In fact, SEO is greatly impacted by how often a business responds to their reviews. Doing this simple action will increase your placement in the results of many search engines. Now the there are numerous reasons why this is the case. The fact is that search engines like this type of engagement from businesses. So here are a couple of items we recommend to help better your ranking with all search engines.

Improve your Local SEO Results by Responding to Customer Reviews

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Developing a winning SEO strategy comes with many challenges. One being that you have to learn the different facets of SEO to make them all work together. Sadly, doing one wrong thing can greatly damage your overall efforts. But one aspect of SEO that should you should always prioritize is your local SEO standing. Local SEO is important because it helps people easily find your business within your community. Some of the most essential elements of local SEO consist of your Google My Business along with authentic ratings and reviews. These come from real people which reassures others your business is credible.

Like many businesses, you will face both positive and negative reviews. But use this as an opportunity to help expand your reach to greater lengths. Acknowledging and responding to them in a timely manner will help you rank higher for specific search results. This is especially helpful when potential customers search generic services in a surrounding area. The goal is to get into the top 3 search results in all search engines. Prioritizing local SEO is a must if you want to attract more traffic in a brick and mortar location. Ultimately, performing well in your local SEO results is a great way to rank higher when it comes to your overall search engine ranking.

Use Customer Reviews to Find Important Related Keywords

Another necessity when it comes to developing a successful SEO strategy is keyword targeting. Doing keyword research gives you insight on key phrases that your target audience will use. Properly using these keywords to your advantage will help your audience better find your business and services. By simply replying to customer reviews, you will learn significant keywords or phrases that are associated to your website. Doing this will have a positive impact on how you rank for those keywords.

In fact, this will help you potentially increase the amount of traffic to your website. Keep in mind that customers aren’t the only ones capable of reading the reviews. Search engines like Google and Bing are able to see reviews as well. Because of this, these search engines reward the sites that have reviews with important keyword you are using. Use your reviews to your advantage to help you rank higher than your competitors.

Influence Search Engines by Having it Favor Your Website with Customer Reviews

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Did you know if a search engine can’t easily identify your website is will not want to rank it as a top result? To put it simply, search engine do not want to work hard to understand a website. Large websites with a hundred pages and multiple headlines will discourage high ranking. This is why having a great website design is important. The ability for a search engine to understand your website is essential for your ranking. But if your website is lacking, active customer reviews are essential for ranking. These reviews will help search engines better accurately identify your website.

Reviews are something every business deal with, so why not use it to your advantage. By addressing each review, it becomes that much easier for search engines rank your website. Any lack of website content should be offset with customer reviews and responses. This is because reviews serve as a reliable method to new visitors who are unfamiliar with your business. Keep in mind, people take their time to write a review. Which is why search engines favor detailed reviews and responses of any business. So if your website is need of improvement, try to prioritize your customer reviews.

Respond to Reviews to Help Your Business Gain a Higher Authority

One of the primary reasons for developing a sound SEO strategy is to increase trust. Successful sites that rank high with search engines build and maintain a level of trust with their customers. Use this to help position yourself as a high authority with multiple search engines. Simply answering reviews that contain questions will make it easier for unfamiliar audiences to view you as an authority.

This is especially true if you have competitors that aren’t actively responding to reviews from customers. Customers are more likely to use a business that they see are active or responsive. Any business that show lack of reviews or engagement are often overlooked. Search engines follow act the same way. If you are actively receiving reviews and responding to them, most search engines list your business with a high authority. All search engines want to recommend the best fit search result to their users. So by prioritizing the authoritative content that the competitors are overlooking, search engines will more likely recommend your business.

Increase Customer Engagement to Helps Improve Google Ranking

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There are numerous benefits that come with increasing engagement with potential customers. It helps determine a business’ needs and shortcomings while improving your ranking. One of the most effective mediums for customer engagement are the ratings and reviews. It is safe to say that search engines values collecting reviews as it provides many opportunities for customer engagement. Those engagement opportunities include swiping through photos and clicking through the Google My Business page.

By creating more engagement opportunities you increase the chances of people choosing your business. Search engines favor informative content for potential customers. This is because you are providing them with tools to make informed decisions. So by doing this they will want place your positioning higher than other competitors. So when creating a successful SEO strategy, keep in mind that providing meaningful content, with reviews, is crucial.

Get More SEO Insights from Reborn Consultants

You may be unconvinced that customer reviews may not be worth your time. But when making your final decision keep in mind all the potential benefits it will bring. The main reason businesses choose prioritize customer reviews is because their impact on SEO ranking. There are many undeniable benefits that come with developing a SEO strategy with customer reviews in mind.

Among these benefits is the ability to drastically improve your standing with search engine ranking. Improving your SEO has the potential to make an impact on multiple facets of your business. If you’re curious about how you can construct an impactful SEO strategy, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you get on the right path towards success in search engine marketing. Here at Reborn, will help you get the SEO results you are looking for.