Tips: Making Easy Lifestyle Changes

How hard is it to change?

21 days

People are creatures of habit and not wanting much change in their lives. We go the same way to the store or work every time. Sometimes getting lost and figuring out how to get to where you are going is okay. We eat the same type of food and do not try to change it up. You should try new food that can make you find your new favorite spot to eat. People should try a diet and see how it makes them feel. Most people like doing the same routines at work because it is easier that way. At work, a new process comes out and we say no immediately. You prefer the one-way or the highway you go and walk out. We do not like to change what already works, but changing one thing in your life can benefit you 100 fold.

To break your habits it is very hard. It takes approximately 21 days to break a habit. It takes triple this to create a habit. Most people do not change because it is new, it takes work, it is different, past experiences, someone else’s experience, or feel out of control. The whole point of this blog is to start creating new lifestyle changes. The lifestyle changes you want to do seem impossible, but have you tried? In this blog, it will break down a plan for you to make a change that will be for the better.

Lifestyle change is hard, where do I start?

Lifestyle change is modifying things in your life we have control of. To start making these lifestyle changes it does not take a whole 180 degrees of change. It starts with one degree of change. People notice your change and it gets people excited. It shines a light into other’s lives to unconsciously change themselves. Let’s start getting you on the right track.

Step 1: The Plan

make plan

Let us start with a plan. Plans are great because it allows us to create a visual representation of what we want to accomplish. We need to start with this initial step to your lifestyle change. You want to map out what you want to do. Mapping out what this looks like can be simple. Plans create your mind to constantly think about what we want to accomplish. Working backward in this plan sets you up for success. Your end goal first and go back from there. You want to put all your actions on a schedule. The second item is what goals will you create.

Step 2: Attainable Goals

Creating goals help this process for your personal growth. Once you have the plan, now it is how will you keep track. Let’s say we want to start meeting new people in our life. The plan is to meet 10 new people in 3 months. You will then figure out where you are going to find these new people. Some places could be the mall, bank, store, church, work, etc. The goals you create for yourself is: speak to 1 person a day, say hello to everyone you see on your walk, complement 5 people you see a day, etc. These are the goals to get to your overall plan. Goals and plans go hand in hand but are different. Make your goals attainable initially. You want to see success. Small wins can be huge in your life.

The goals you are creating we want to be attainable. Big goals that you set for your real life is okay. Lifestyle change is not just a shot for the stars’ kind of approach. You want to make these goals reasonable. Small wins like stated earlier are a huge help to the overall process of lifestyle change.

Step 3: Tracking

Check list

You want to make sure that you keep track of everything. What is the point of doing this if you do not know what the result was? You are making a change for the betterment of your life. One way you can track is daily or weekly. You could make a checklist of days up until your plan is done to see how many times you achieved your goals. Just as in business tracking can tell you your real effort that was put in.

Step 4: Time Commitment

Now that you have a plan with goals. You have created a tracking system that works best for you. Now, you have to commit time to your change. If you say I will get to once everything is right, it will never happen. The best time to start is now and create a consistent time frame for when you will get this lifestyle change done. Again, your time commitment is up to you, but if you do not have that figure out all of the stuff prior will not work.

Bonus Step: Invite friends/family to help

group of people

This step is what a lot of people need. Most people are not do it yourself kind of people. They like competing with others for fun. It is nice to have another person accountable for your change. Just so you know, the lifestyle change does not need to be the same as the other person. You both can do completely different things and still hold each other accountable. The encouragement you each provide can take you one step closer to your change.


The reason for this post is because you have to start with yourself. What I mean is, having bad habits now will not help you for your future. Having bad relationships will only hold you back. Lifestyle changes are important to get you on the right path to where you want to go. Reborn Consultants, we help businesses to better get them where they want to go. Sometimes, it is a person’s mindset of the company or way they have been living that is causing these issues. We help all with change in all facets. If you know someone who needs lifestyle change to benefit their life let us know.