Everyone wants to get instant gratification when it comes to any sort of marketing or sales. Remember when you were starting out, you were happy to just create a full-proof process (or what you thought was full proof at the time) and just be in business. I meet and speak to so many people who are in business or want to be in business and they just want money to come in literally over-night. Organic marketing is the best way to market your business simply because it is the gift that keeps on giving. Being organic is something that will help sustain your business.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is something that can really jump start your business, absolutely. The issue I have with paid marketing is that you either win or you lose. In addition to it being so black and white, I see so many companies spending an insane amount of money on paid marketing. No matter how much money you spend, you have to start over after that budget is spent. I don’t love the paid marketing side of things because most companies don’t just have an endless supply of money hanging around their vault to just spend it on marketing services. I knew of a guy who spent 2 million per year on FB ads simply because he got a positive ROI from it.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is the single best way to market your business. The big issue with organic marketing is that no one wants to wait for anything these days. Imagine this, what if you started doing organic marketing and then you saw results 6 months later? What if you started doing it, spent 80% less on your organic efforts, stopped after 6 months but still saw the yield month over month? This is the idea I love so much. Being able to invest in yourself and your company one time, for it to consistently grow you.

The best possible approach

I understand that everyone is at a different point in their life and their businesses. To get the best strategy possible, you want to analyze where you are at currently, where you are trying to get to, and what is going to be the best method of getting there. After you get the best method for where you are currently in business, you want to come up with a plan that will let you execute consistently. Consistency is the key to all of this. You have to be consistent at anything you do in life, especially business. The average business takes 4 years to become cash-flow positive. The best approach would be to do a mix of some paid marketing and doing organic SEO as well. If you can do both of these, they will actually work together to help each other’s efforts. Now, I am very much an advocate for organic marketing simply because “it’s the gift that keeps on giving.” I would recommend talking to an expert to pinpoint where you are currently at and figuring out a plan that is custom-tailored for you.