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Productivity needs to start from the top

Here at Reborn Consultants, our employees feed off of the productivity we do as Owners. When you are the CEO of a company you are being watched by others to see your output of work. Productivity in the workplace not only increase profits but the morale of your staff. Do not let your good habits slip because you want to have or be fun. Be firm with your choices and stick to them. Productivity is about the efficiency of what you are doing. The more efficient you are it becomes easier to have more enjoyment at work.

When laziness occurs for us it trickles all the way down to our interns. Making an impacting difference and showing your staff that you work hard is imperative. We learned it is better to show your worth than speak about it. Be about the change you want to see. We want to be examples for all employees for their productivity in the workplace. Let’s talk about some different ways to be productive.

Take Breaks

We all know the hard worker who says, ” I do not have time to take a break.” This is a completely wrong thought process. Thinking you can be productive at the beginning of your shift till the end is not possible day in and day out. We make it mandatory for our staff to stand up and move around. Every hour they take 2 to 5 minutes and walk around. Some companies have an area for food or playing some simple games. Utilize what is around you to take a quick mental break. If there is nothing around you, go walk outside just for a minute. Studies have shown the power of taking breaks like these for productivity in the workplace. It is necessary for the longevity of your employees and their mental state. Start to schedule your breaks in your calendar for a dramatic change.

Small Goal Setting

We all love to see our big goals being accomplished. We have to remember “micro wins” are the best. It is a sense of accomplishment and success. If you have some quick tasks to do in under 5 minutes get those done. We are not saying forget what is most important, but to make sure you are crossing off the items on your to-do list. At our company, we make sure we know the goals that each person has every week to achieve. We make sure there are tangible goals and hard to reach goals. This provides yourself sanity to know that you are getting items done at work. The little things in life can be apart of what the big picture is. Do not forget to give yourself “micro wins” throughout your day.

Set deadlines for yourself

We know that your boss probably provides you with big deadlines throughout the course of the year. You should be chunking small parts of the big deadlines out for yourself. The way you do this is to say I am going to finish this by a specific date. You make sure to hold yourself accountable for what you need to finish by a certain date. We have not met deadlines personally and it puts a burden on our shoulders. You need to set deadlines so that things will not go through the cracks on a project or customer account.

Get better at saying “No”

When was the last time you said no at your workplace? It is hard to tell a client, coworker, boss, family member, or friend, no. We had an employee who said yes to almost everything we gave him. One day he just quit. We asked what was the reasoning and he said because he was given way too many tasks/KPIs to accomplish. He felt that he was overworked and under-appreciated. This happens every day. Now, we are not saying he was in the wrong, but if he would have told us that the amount of work I am doing is too much we would have talked about that. You have to know the amount of work you can do. It was a learning experience for us.

Don’t Multitask

Have you ever thought you could multitask? The correct answer is maybe you tried, but you have not. You cannot give an equal amount of time to each thing you are trying to do. We hear at Reborn pride ourselves on getting one task finished or to the point you want then going to the next item. Multitasking allows you to wander off and not finish a project complete or to its full potential. When you think you can just choose not to.

Be Proactive, not reactive

We pride ourselves on being ready for issues, problems, changes, etc. As a company and an employee, you have to be ready for the unexpected. It is hard to plan something that is completely crazy, but you can still have some preemptive processes. When you react to a situation it makes you look not prepared. You want to be proactive in knowing when something can happen with your job.


At Reborn Consultants we are nowhere near perfect. We have been implementing different methods of being successful in productivity in the workplace for over 10 years. The evolving and changing of a companies success is a must for growth. We have gone into businesses that needed a push towards company culture shifting. If you feel some of this information helps you contact us to know some more of our secrets to a better company atmosphere.