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What is a bad habit?

In the previous blog, we talked about good habits to have in life. We are going to talk about the exact opposite which is bad habits. A bad habit is a negative behavior pattern that you have. You want to get rid of the bad habits that you have cultivated throughout your life. These habits will drag you down to get to where you want to go. In life as well as in business you do not want to continue will bad habits. Let’s go into what habits you need to take out of your life.

Bad Habits in Life

Hanging out with the wrong crowd

Be the change you want to see if your life. Do not let others around you determine your journey in life; you are who you hang out with. People need to be mindful of the type of people you surround yourself with. When having toxic people in your life it enables you to be just enough. We know people who are complacent and happy where they are, this is not where you want to be. Having a group of people that tell you to not go after your dreams is terrible. You want to encourage people in your life to get you to where you want to go. We want to provide resources to get them to where they want to go. Outside of work you have the choice to be with the right people so do it.

Being Late

This is a habit that everyone can cut out of their life today. We all know the quote, “To be early is on time, to be on time is late, and to be late is unacceptable.” We need to take this to heart. Showing up to parties, workout with a friend, your parent’s house, work, it is all not okay. You are the words that come from your mouth so communicate and take excuses out of your life. What we mean is, sure there might be an accident or you got stuck in traffic. These are things that we can’t control, but we can leave early to make sure of any unforeseen circumstances. This bad habit will run through your life and not be good for anyone.

Social Media

This is a new habit that has formed over the last 10 years. People are stuck to their phones and hearing the new story. People have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Social media is interesting because it can help a business tremendously and be a positive thing to have. The flip side is people will look at their phone and notice 1 hour has elapsed that is gone. Time is valuable and wasting it on false pictures, fake stories, and unreal people is not worth it. Social media also makes you feel like you are not enough. Social Media has its own positive attributes, but do not let it define your day.


We all have been the person who says maybe I can do it later. I can watch another episode. Dinner does not need to be done until later. This project is not due for another 3 weeks; I will get to it later. Procrastination will allow you to potentially blow an opportunity. It also limits your success for the goals that you have set. Another thing it does is puts a strain on your health. The stress and anxiety it puts on your body is not fair for your family or yourself. The mindset of waiting makes you think negatively. You feel self-defeated and your willingness to do things is low. The bad habit is one to for sure get rid of.

Eating junk food

The last of the bad habits to take out of your life is eating junk food. Most of the effects are going to be health-related. The list is:

  • Increased obesity
  • Worsens digestion
  • Depression
  • Heighten Risk of Heart Failure
  • Cholesterol increases

Creating this habit can only not help you. Most people stress eat or overeat. We want to avoid these habits. Now that we discussed life habits let us get into business habits.

Bad Habits in Business

Being a perfectionist

Can anything be perfect? What does perfect mean? The act of being perfect is not something to strive for. The work we create we want to be proud of. Striving for quality work is a great idea to have. Writers always feel it is not perfect, but you have to put out a product. Do not let perfection dwell in your life.


We all know there are people at your company that you work at talking bad about people. This kind of talk is toxic and unnecessary. It creates bad blood amongst colleagues or departments. You even letting actions like this continue has a negative effect on everyone. It also allows for unproductive work to be had. You want to work at a good pace and not stopping to complain or rag on someone. It creates for good employees to leave a company because management continues to tolerate it. Lastly, it can have a negative effect on someone’s feelings or mood.

Saying “Yes” to everything

We all have worked with someone new who says yes to everything. Sometimes you have owners who say yes to everyone who walks in the door. This mentality is terrible. As a company, your owner should not say yes to everything. Some owners take all the clients they can get not realizing they are the wrong client. You have to stand your ground and tell them no this is not something I can fit in. I am currently busy with all of these areas. This habit can create you to be overworked and under-appreciated. Remember saying no, does not mean you are a coward.

Sitting back and waiting 

The last habit is waiting for something to happen. Many companies have awesome employees with good ideas. Companies suppress their ideas or concerns because they want more sales, more clients, etc. When you do not stand up and ask for the raise you deserve, that is not good. Sometimes like Nike, Just Do it. You cannot wait for help; get up and ask for help. Do you need more time on a project? Get up and go to your boss to tell them you need more time. Communication is key. Maybe you have an idea that could be a breakthrough to the business. Ask for a meeting to discuss the opportunity you have come up with. If they are unwilling to listen, go find a company that appreciates your insight.


These are some bad habits for life and some for business. As we said before in the previous blog on good habits, these are great starting points for making a change in the culture of your company. It also is a huge help to where you should be at. Here at Reborn Consultants, we love encouraging all of our clients and employees to partake in habits discovery for themselves. Please reach out to us and tell us what you think!