What is a habit?

A habit can be your constant companion. It can be your greatest helped or heaviest burden. A habit can push you onward or drag you down to failure. These are from a poem/riddle that is from an anonymous source. Habits are really some of the most amazing things to have and worst. The definition of a habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Good habits are key to anything in life. We are going to go through good/bad habits in life and business.

Good Habits in Life

Wake up!

Let’s start with some simple good habits right as you wake up. Wake up at an appropriate time to be prepared for the day. Begin by setting your alarm clock back by 15 minutes the first week, 15 minutes the next week, and so on. Waking up earlier allows you to beat the loud sounds. No noisy kids, no neighbors, just you, and getting ready. Having that quiet time really helps with the overall day you are going to start. It provides you time to eat breakfast. Starting off the day right with food in your system. It provides you with energy to make it through your day. It lastly provides you time to set-up your day on the right foot.


The next habit is Exercise. You should fit in exercise in your daily habits as well. You do not need exercise in the morning, but a great habit to stick with. Exercise alleviates stress and allows you to spend time on working on yourself. The next habit is to never stop learning. You will be a student for the rest of your life. Never think that you have arrived. Do not think there is a time in your life that you know everything.


Another habit that has helped our company is smiling. It is easy to do. It takes more muscle to create a frown than it does to smile. Smiling improves your mood, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, etc. Smiling can make someone’s day so much better. It does not take a ton of effort to let someone know they are noticed and look at them and smile.


Reading is such a lost art form that people do not do. Reading helps with so many aspects of your life. It strengthens your vocabulary. It helps us to look up some words to now use them. When someone uses a $5 word, which means a word that is difficult or not used regularly, we yell it out to show someone that was impressive. Reading helps us to improve our memory. Lastly, it provides us with a ton of help with our attention span.

Keep track of your money

Lastly, financials for yourself is important to do. Lots of people feel uncomfortable talking about their finances. They feel it will make them look bad. A study showed only 28% of Americans are financially stable. This is a very scary stat. Another scary stat is 40% of Americans do not have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency. You keeping track of where your money goes and how to spend it is important for your habits.

This is a great starting list. There are many good habits for you to consider picking up. For us, as a company, we have found when our employees having these daily habits creates less stress for them and overall happiness. The 5 good habits are:

  • Wake up early
  • Exercise
  • Simply Smile
  • Read
  • Track Your Finances

Good Habits in Business

Dress Well

Dressing well does a ton of positives for your life in business. It makes you feel confident. When you go into work dressed well you are excited for the day. You are able to express yourself as a person as well. We are not saying only people who dress well are successful, but we have noticed the difference it makes a person feel. Lastly, it helps the perception of you. It makes others around you ask questions or want to emulate you because of your confidence.

Be Kind

Everyone is going through something that you do not know or even understand. Being kind can be a simple gesture of you look great today. You can help them with moving chairs and tables for the company gathering/meeting. Ask someone if they want something from the fridge as you are going to it. You would be surprised how much little effort it takes to be kind and help others out.

Be organized/Neat

Imagine you walk into your co-worker’s or boss’s office and everything is thrown around. The trash has not been taken out in weeks. Coffee was split on the report that needs to be turned in today. You would think wow this is not a clean office and they have no idea what they are doing. Being organized is annoying at first, but a great habit to maintain. When you know exactly where everything is, it is an amazing feeling. Create systems in place to set yourself up for success.

Ask questions and Teamwork

These two topics go hand in hand with each other. When working at a job most people do not want to look dumb in front of their colleagues so they wing it and hope for the best. This is not a good task to do. You should be able to ask questions when you need help. We are not telling you to ask where the bathroom is 20 times or ask if the person would grab something for you. We are talking about times where you honestly have no idea and need help.

This goes with teamwork perfectly. Teamwork is crucial to the success of any business. Sections of the need to communicate and work collaboratively together. When everyone in the company is on the same page it helps for continuity for outsiders to see.

Journal Ideas

Writing your ideas down is needed for remembering. We sometimes can not even remember what we had for breakfast yesterday. Did you think about it? Exactly, very little of you can even remember. Having a journal can not only help you write down ideas for your business but also things going on in your life. Writing these topics down can also allow you to self-reflect on your thoughts years ago. Going back to your journal will only help. Lastly, you can set goals in this journal of yours.

The list of habits good for when you are at your job or in your business are:

  • Dress Well
  • Be Kind
  • Be organized & Neat
  • Ask questions & teamwork
  • Journal Ideas


Above are wonderful habits to use in your life and business. When you take a second look at the different habits they can apply in your life and business. The moral of this story is creating these habits will only help for the benefit of your life. Here at Reborn Consultants, we love making sure our employees create these habits. We also look for these good habits in our clients. If you liked this post, make sure to read the next one on bad habits.