Importance of Web Design in Utah

First Impressions are real


Websites for most businesses are a foreign concept to most. You want it to look nice and be able to be used. The issue is it only takes a split second for someone to determine if they like your website or not. Your website is the digital face of your company. First impressions on Websites are everything. A study shows that the judgments of a company’s credibility are 75% based on your web design in Utah. You want everyone who goes on it to feel calm from the storm of life they are dealing with. A bad impression will only lose a potential customer. This is why you need to stand-out and make an impression on anyone coming to your website.

Navigation of Your Web Design in Utah

The design of your website is crucial to helping people use it and navigate through it. You want the navigation bar or a menu for people to use to be easy for them. Navigating through a person’s website should not be a chore, but effortless. You also want to make sure your call to action is easy for your users to find. There have been studies where people are more likely to stay on your website because of the navigation/menu bar is simple.

Your website navigation does not have to be over the top or super sophisticated. When it comes to developing it you want it to be used by anyone. You want an easy to use and aesthetically pleasing website for user-friendliness. Having great navigation is one easy way to stand out compared to other websites.

Brand Uniformity

You want to make sure your website has your brand written all over it. Getting a logo can be challenging because you want it to convey a great message. Once have one, your logo needs to stand out on your site. All materials should be branded with the logo. This includes and not limited to White pages, signs, banners, brochures, merchandise, etc. This will create brand awareness and have uniformity on your website. Having brand consistency also creates trust for your users. Customers feel more trust when you keep your brand uniform.


SEO title

Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of your website overall. As the web design is good for visuals, SEO is the behind the scene design. Your website could look pretty, but not load as fast as you want. This will make someone go somewhere else. When images not being compressed it leads to a decrease in people on your website.

SEO provides the hidden reasons why people and search engines enjoy your website. If your website is not easily crawlable for these search engines you will not be noticed by anyone.


Your website can make or break your ability to have more traffic and potential clients. Creating a great web design in Utah can be hard, here at Reborn Consultants we can help you. If you are looking for great web design in Utah or anywhere we are here.